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“When an exceptional opportunity arises, you need access to readily available capital. In this critical time window, only those with the necessary momentum can take full advantage of their opportunities. We support your real estate project with both capital and comprehensive know-how.“

Bernd Ruck, founder of SAX Group

Investment criteria
  • project’s suitability for investment purposes
  • position in a growth market
  • sales volume > 20 million euros
  • all use types

how we choose projects

Based on our many years of experience, we’ve developed a multi-stage process for selecting our projects. From an investor’s perspective, a new real estate project requires more preparation and planning than a finished development. Who you work with matters just as much as which projects you choose. Only by carefully examining every variable can we ensure that the venture will be a financial success.

With 25 years’ experience and over 100 successful projects to our name, the SAX Group understands the market well. Our expertise spans every sector: residential, micro- and assisted living, serviced apartments, hotels, logistics, coworking, offices, and heritage-listed buildings.

  • Joint financial commitment
  • Aligned interests
  • Eye-to-eye collaboration


Our most valuable asset is the trust our partners have placed in us. That’s why we invest our own capital into projects and offer our partners full sup port. We sign on to a project because we believe in its potential, and we want to ensure that everyone’s interests are aligned.

We work closely with our partners to find the optimal solution to each challenge and see the project through to its successful completion.


We invest for success.

    Neue Horizonte, Tübingen
    • Project typeKoncept Hotel
    • 46
    • completed2021

    The hotel “Neue Horizonte” is located in the immediate vicinity of the Science and Technology Park Tübingen and is operated as a digital hotel. LongStay guests and also short holidaymakers enjoy their stay in Tübingen in one of the 46 lovingly furnished rooms.

    Further information:
    Koncept Hotel Neue Horizonte

    • Project typeMicro Appartments
    • 286
    • completed2018

    With 286 micro apartments, Urban Living Cologne offers a desirable lifestyle in the center of Cologne. The apartments, which range from 20 m² to 52 m², are ideal for students and commuters, as well as young academics and professionals. The amenities include a sports field, learning lounge, gym, roof terrace, and communal kitchen for entertaining.

    Urban Living, Hamburg
    • Project typeMicro Appartements
    • 327
    • completed2020

    Urban Living Hamburg is a complex of 327 micro apartments spread across 8 floors. Located in the heart of Hamburg, with apartments ranging from 20 m² to 52 m², the complex is perfect for students and commuters, as well as young academics and professionals. The amenities include a soccer field, learning lounge, gym, roof terrace, and communal kitchen for entertaining.

    Urban Living, Essen
    • Project typeMicro Apartments
    • 323
    • completed2020

    Urban Living Essen is a collection of 323 lifestyle apartments located in Essen’s inner west. With apartments ranging from 20 m² to 52 m², the complex is tailor-made for students and commuters, as well as young academics and professionals. The amenities include a gym, learning lounge, and communal kitchen for entertaining.

    • Project typeMicro Apartments / passive house
    • 370
    • completed2015

    Boasting 370 micro apartments and a sought-after lifestyle, Campus Gardens Heidelberg is centrally located in Heidelberg’s newly created Bahnstadt district. With apartments ranging from 20 m² to 52 m², the complex is ideal for students, early-career academics and young professionals. The amenities include a gym, beach volleyball court, learning lounge, green roof terrace, and communal kitchen for entertaining.

    • Project typeMicro Apartments
    • 205
    • completed2017

    Located in the center of Offenbach’s harbor island, Main Atrium Frankfurt boasts 205 micro apartments ranging from 20 m² to 52 m². The development is ideally suited to studentsand commuters, as well as young academics and professionals. The complex offers a high quality of life, featuring various common areas such as a gym, a communal kitchen for entertaining, and a sports field on the roof terrace.

    • Project typeResidential Accommodation
    • 67
    • completed2017

    Situated directly on the shore of Lake Ruppin, the Seetor Residence Neuruppin is an exclusive residential complex covering more than 5,560 m². With 62 apartments and 5 penthouses, the building features a modern design and lots of glass with magnificent views of the water.

    • Project typeLogistics Storage
    • 27.610 m²
    • completed2012

    The Markgröningen Logistics Park is located in the center of Baden-Württemberg. The site stretches across 46,920 m² and offers 27,610 m² of storage space, as well as 26 truck ramp gates, 11 ground-level truck gates, 9 crane tracks, and a photovoltaic system on the roof of the hall.

    • Project typeStorage Area
    • 30.040 m²
    • completed2013

    The Logistics Park Leipzig is located in the freight traffic center at Leipzig/Halle international airport. Built on a 53,050 m² site, the park comprises 5 halls with a total storage area of 30,040 m², as well as 29 truck ramp gates, 5 ground-level truck gates, and a production line.

    • Project typeHeritage / Residential
    • 49
    • completed2013

    The City Substation sits in the center of Ludwigshafen. Built in 1928, the heritage-listed former substation houses 49 high-quality rental apartments, designed in the style of the old industrial culture. Each apartment has been uniquely renovated and restored. The five-story cube in the inner courtyard serves as a community center with a communal kitchen and two guest rooms.

    • Project typeProperty Development
    • ca. 64.000 m²
    • completed2017

    The Crystal Palace sits next to Leipzig’s central railway station. In the late 19th century, it was Germany’s largest entertainment center, with a variety theatre and numerous restaurants. Eventually, the building rights were secured, and today the palace boasts a high-quality mix of residential apartments, hotels, gastronomy, retail, offices, and commercial units.

    • Project typeHeritage / Supervised Living
    • 208
    • completedQ2 / 2023

    The Riviera Berlin is a senior citizens’ residence located on the River Dahme, about 30 minutes from Berlin’s city center, offering high-quality service accommodation. The concept includes a wellness area and two restaurants, as well as a reception and community area. The challenge with this project is to renovate a heritage-listed hall and residential building from 1890 and integrate them into the complex.

    • Project typeHeritage / Residential
    • 13
    • completed2013

    This heritage-listed building sits at 49 Römerstraße in the center of Stuttgart. Through extensive renovation and restoration, the 11 original apartments have been converted into 13 high-quality residential units.

    • Project typeHeritage / Residential
    • 10
    • completed2006

    The heritage-listed residential building at 60 Brockhausstraße, in Leipzig’s Schleußig district, was erected around the turn of the century. Through extensive renovation and restoration, 10 high-quality apartments have been created.

    • Project typeHeritage / Residential
    • 9
    • completed2006

    This property is part of a series of villa-like townhouses in Potsdam’s northern quarter. It was built in 1882/1883 by the court mason Karl-Johann Partik. A valuable piece of the city’s urban history, the house has been carefully renovated and restored and is now heritage listed.

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Don’t just take our word for it. The best measure of our performance is the feedback we get from our clients.

  • HQ Capital

    “For family offices and foundations, SAX has created above-average value. They are innovative and risk-oriented.”

    Thomas Etzel, Managing Director, HQ Capital (Deutschland) GmbH
  • greenfield

    “Working with SAX, we’ve found them to be fast, reliable, honest, and competent. In the digital age, it’s refreshing to find a partner who’s so pragmatic and focused on your success.”

    Jan-Gerd Bach, Managing Director

    “SAX is a sparring partner at eye level for us. I appreciate the exchange of experience from entrepreneur to entrepreneur – and that a once given word applies.”

    Dr. Michael Held, Member of the Board
  • iLive

    “We were impressed by the combination of expertise, empathy, and reliability at SAX. These qualities are the foundation of successful projects”.

    Amos Engelhardt, Managing Director
  • Prima Gruppe

    “We appreciate the SAX Group above all for their trust and straightforward style of collaboration.”

    Ronny Rohr, Managing Director


More than just capital. We give our all for real estate success.

We’ve been leading real estate projects to success since our company was founded in 1994. We support our partners with needs-based capital and deep expertise at every step of the value chain.

  • Founded in 1994 by Bernd Ruck and Michael Dettling
  • Started as a property developer focused on heritage renovations
  • Since 2004 participating in all kinds of projects and working with renowned family offices in Germany

What sets us apart

We see ourselves as a reliable co-investor that offers both rapidly available capital and a sound understanding of real estate challenges. The SAX Group is a team of experienced and interdisciplinary professionals who can use their skills and knowledge to support existing project teams.

  • Quickly and discreetly, we supply the necessary capital for land and construction
  • We act as a “sparring partner” who can answer questions and solve problems during the project
  • We have a broad network of partners in all areas of development, construction, and marketing

We have a broad network of partners in all areas of development, construction, and marketing.

As an integral part of the SAX Group, SAX RETurn Capital Partners is a pioneering consulting firm specializing in the collaborative restructuring of both developing and existing real estate assets. Our primary goal is to support property owners and financial institutions in optimizing their real estate projects. For more information, please visit


Today’s real estate projects demand a broad range of skills. Learn more about our managers, their areas of responsibility, and their practical expertise.

Bernd Ruck
Corporate strategy • Key accounts • Shareholdings • Purchasing / sales
  • More than 30 years’ experience as an entrepreneur in the real estate and investment market.
  • Bernd Ruck started his first real estate company in 1986 while studying at the Universities of Tübingen and Phoenix, Arizona. He built over 2,500 apartments and several boarding houses. After successfully selling the company, he founded the SAX Group in 1994.
  • Bernd Ruck has an extensive network in the real estate industry. He has worked closely with many family businesses, as well as their family offices and foundations, for many years. His clients also include institutional investors such as pension funds and managed funds.
Michael Dettling
Finance • tax • controlling • law • EDP
  • More than 25 years’ experience in the German real estate market, mainly focused on project development and structuring corporate investments, as well as heritage protection and municipal redevelopments.
  • Before founding the SAX Group, Michael Dettling spent 10 years in charge of business development and industrial software at medium-sized companies.
  • Michael Dettling graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Stuttgart.
Michael Straub
Project management • Construction / Bau • Organization • Personnel
  • More than 25 years’ experience in various management positions in construction and real estate.
  • Before joining the SAX Group, Michael Straub was managing director of a medium-sized property developer. He was responsible for managing real estate and developing large-scale construction projects. Later he was the commercial manager at one of the largest land developers in Germany, where he was responsible for property development and securing building rights.
  • Michael Straub studied administrative law (FHöV Ludwigsburg), interdisciplinary management (University of Constance) and real estate economics (European Business School Munich).
Bastian Bort
Investments • Acquisition • Business Development • Due Diligence • Transaction Management
  • More than 15 years’ experience in management positions in construction and real estate.
  • Before joining the SAX Group, Bastian Bort held various management positions at BAM Deutschland AG. Among other things, he was in charge of investor projects, partnership models, and digital construction. He was responsible for acquiring and managing major international projects worth over 1 billion euros.
  • Bastian Bort studied architecture, planning, and construction economics at the University of Karlsruhe (KIT). He also holds an MBA with honors and a major in Real Estate Finance, Investment, and Development from the University of California at Berkeley.


Capital committed

The SAX Group regularly supports the community foundation in Tübingen. This foundation has set itself the task of supporting Tübingen citizens and companies in their civic engagement and self-help projects.

  • Bürgerstiftung Tübingen

    The Bürgerstiftung Tübingen is committed to:

    • Social and cultural projects
    • the area of education and sport
    • Nature and environmental protection issues
    • civic topics

    More information:

  • Beginenstiftung Tübingen

    The Beginenstiftung Tübingen:

    • is a foundation for communal living for women living alone
    • promotes solidarity between wealthy and less wealthy women
    • is, like every foundation, designed for eternity
    • honors the historical beguine movement with its name

    More information:

  • wedrfgthj



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